14 May 2013


Last weekend I went for dinner at Panasia. Pronounced 'pan-asia'. I say this because it wasn't until I said it out loud that I understood B's confusion when I asked her what kind of food they serve - 'Asian...?' 


To be more specific it's a Thai restaurant which hosts a variety of both Japanese and Chinese foods too, including curries, Peking cuisines, tempura and fried dishes and vegetarian options. 

Everything on the menu sounded delicious, which, despite being good for obvious reasons, also meant that M and I took far too long choosing what we wanted. Damn you indecisive mind! 
Eventually, after having to ask the waitress for a bit longer several times, we were ready to order. 

B and I went for Peking Crispy Pork char siu with pak choy in Peking sauce which was seriously tasty.

M had Roasted Duck breast with pak choy in Peking sauce. 

And L went for Moo Krawp ** Thai crispy belly pork in Chef’s specialty sauce. (2 stars meaning this dish had medium level of spiciness).

We also ordered 2 portions of Thai Sticky Rice which were served up in these little wicker pots. How cute!

B swore that she caught a glimpse of some desert dishes that looked too appetizing to pass up and insisted that we all have some. 

Well alright, if you insist... 

Despite shamefully not being able to finish off my plate of main, I couldn't say no to this little blob of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream coated in chocolate sauce complete with a squirt of cream and blueberry on top. 

L and M had caramelized coated ice cream. My only concern is our plates weren't big enough.

B went for the fried banana split with a good dollop of ice cream. She don't mess around when it comes to deserts. Nor does she like to share. 

We were seated downstairs. The only other people there was a big party of girls on what we figured was a hen night. However once they had left we had the whole of the down floor to ourselves so I managed to get a few photos of the place. 
Doesn't it look nice?

The ambiance was great, with this ethereal mystical kind of music playing in the background. I'd give the staff 10/10 too. As soon as our glasses were looking half empty the waitress would be there in a flash to top them up. And despite the place being pretty packed, we didn't have to wait very long at all for our meals to arrive. We got to the restaurant at about 8.30 and luckily as there were only 4 of us they managed to seat us quickly downstairs but to be on the safe side I would advise booking ahead for a table!

If you want to check them out online and have a peak at the other delicious dishes on the menu then click here

A x 


  1. This place looks fantastic - It's been a long time since I've had some seriously good asian food and now I am dying to have some! And that fried banana dessert looks innncredible! India X


  2. OMG this looks insanely delicious! x



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