3 April 2013

Time For Tacos (+ Midnight Skating Antics)

Every month I meet up with my fellow gap year chums and we enjoy an evening of food and catching-up. As I recently got a new camera (Canon Powershot G15) I thought this would be a good time to try it out especially as it's a lot easier to carry around compared to my big Nikon, so I thought I'd share a few snaps with you!

April's Mexican themed dinner soiree was hosted by my bestie, B. We were all assigned a section of the meal to prepare. R arranged starters which kicked off with Doritos, carrot and cucumber sticks, Ryvita thins and plenty of spicy dips. Yummy.

M provided a fruity concoction of drink which tasted suspiciously like J20... 

The main which consisted of tacos was served up by the hostess herself with assistance from her helpful boyfriend who even greeted each guest at the door and hung up all our bags and coats. What a gentleman, eh! 

After a break of nibbles and gossip we decided we were ready for my favourite part of any meal: desert. This task was taken on by P who made a delicious strawberry topped flan, and myself who made Vivianna's naughty Triple Chocolate Cookies. 

Several servings of various deserts later someone got their pose on.
Someone remind me why we're friends?! Heheh...

After indulging in more food than entirely necessary we were all about to head home with sleepy heads and full bellies when R got a text from her mum checking if she had a house key. When she had a look to check, she also discovered she had the key to her indoor skate boarding park which we decided to take full advantage of, regardless of the fact that none of us could skate. Annoyingly my camera ran out of battery at this point but here are a few photos taken from my phone so sorry about the bad quality! 

Here's the lowdown on how us pros got on:

M was having a whale of time letting her inner skate chick run wild...

...Until she had a nasty fall and had to take time out with the company of an ice pack.

Meanwhile P whizzed around showing off her skills on the scooter...

And L taught attempted to teach me how to skate. Unfortunately due to my lack of balance this didn't go down to well...

So instead B and I sat on the boards and raced down the ramps.

Khloe and Lamar anyone...?

After a few cringe worthy group shots we finally decided to call it a night and head home to our warm beds, satisfied with the fact that we had probably managed to burn off all the food consumed earlier that evening!

A x


  1. The food in this post is not good for me! So delicious! X


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