9 March 2013

Hair Envy

I've never been particularly adventurous with my hair. 

I played it safe throughout the whole of my school life and never once strayed from my natural dark brunette colour which kept my mum happy. I guess I was always a bit scared of ruining my hair or for it to turn out wrong and never be able to get it right again. However there comes a time in a girls' life when you just want a change from the norm, so after my friend gave me some wise words of encouragement in the form of 'yolo, Aggie' we took a trip to Superdrug and I got myself some hair dye. 

Of course, being me, I didn't brave going the full stretch and dye my hair all over, so instead I purchased the L'Oreal Wild Ombre kit and got a friend to dip dye my ends. I think it turned out pretty well. Thanks B.

Since that little venture it's been five months and I decided I'm ready for a another change... exciting! The top half of my hair is still my natural colour which is very dark, almost black but not quite. Since gloomy winter should soon be behind us, and bright and sunny spring is (hopefully, fingers-crossed) on it's way, I'm thinking of going a teeny bit lighter. I also want to sort out my ends as they have gone kind of brassy and I'm paranoid that it looks slightly ginger. Not that I have anything against ginger, my best friend is a red head and I personally love the colour, but on me? No. 

In need of a little inspiration I turned to the wonderful world of Pinterest

Here's the kind of colour I would ideally like to have...

More of warm, chocolate-y brown shade.

If I could just swap my hair with Mila or Audrina that would be perfect! And whilst we're on the subject of swapping I wouldn't mind their faces either...

If you could swap hair with any celebrity who would you choose?

I'm meeting my friends for a spot of shopping later today so I'm going to pop into Boots and see what they have to offer. Hopefully mission chocolate-brown-transformation will be underway pretty soon!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

A x


  1. I love the hair Mila Kunis

    Pass on my blog and follow me if you like, I'd like that.
    I'll leave my link http://annalisamasella.blogspot.it/
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  2. I think that this chocolatey colour would definitely suit you :) i'm not sure who I'd swap with - someone blonde! x


    1. Thanks :) i love blonde hair but it would look too weird on me! x

  3. your hair looks amazing! i also just got a new haircut:) clap for that!
    i really like mila kunis hair! it always looks sooo not done done;)
    check out our blog if you like:
    would totally make our day:)

    1. Thank you! Ah I need a hair cut soon, ombre is not good for the ends! x


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